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What About Bob?


Find at: Wal-Mart
Price: $5.50

What About Bob is the type of movie you can watch on channels like USA as they run it back-to-back from 1-6am. It's one of those great, often underrated comedy classics. You wanted to watch this movie just to see Bill Murray strapped to the bow of a ship shouting, "I'M SAILING!" and it delivered many more equally memorable antics.

Bob Wiley is an unstable and paranoid but friendly man that has been shifted to a number of psychiatrists. He's sent for treatment by Dr. Leo Marvin, an egomaniacal shrink more interested in his reputation and selling books than treating patients. Bob is entranced by his methods after only one visit, and when Dr. Leo leaves for vacation, Bob musters up all his courage to hop a bus and follow along.

Through his childlike charms and insecurity he manages to win the affection of Dr. Leo's family. Against Leo's best efforts, his children begin relating to Bob more than their father. Leo tried to win them back with puppet therapy, but everything manages to snowball and eventually avalanches on his Good Morning America interview.

As Bob becomes closer to the family and closer to relief from his psychological problems, Leo is driven further into insanity. He goes medieval on Bob's ass, but Bob just thinks it's more advanced therapy. The tables soon turn as Dr. Leo's house is blown-up causing him to be pushed off the edge. Dr. Leo winds up in a vegetable-like state as Bob becomes a respected therapist and marries into the family.

Is the movie worth $5.50? Absolutely. Bill Murray alone makes it worth that. This tornado of comedy can whirlwind me into a good mood anytime. With jokes about turrets and schizophrenia, explosions, fights, and dropping kids in lakes, it aims to please and hits right on target. Not comedy gold, but definitely at least silver.



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